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Special Programs


New puppy checklistWe know that puppies have special needs and our caring staff is ready to provide the extra attention and love that they need. We find that puppies and young dogs do very well Boarding because they are open to new experiences and thrive on the stimulation from other dogs and our staff. Socializing your puppy at a young age is a very important part of them becoming a happy and well adjusted family member. Introducing your puppy to new places and faces, both human and canine, is advised by trainers and vets alike.

We offer our PUPPY PROGRAM to all dogs under the age of 5 months. All puppies will have labeled runs so that the staff can easily identify them as *special* guests. We will be sure that they are adjusting to their surroundings, eating well and having fun. Puppies will get afternoon playtime and a snack as part of their stay. Our staff will be sure that they get out for additional potty breaks and a yummy treat at bedtime. If your puppy is being bathed, we will ensure that they have a great experience by giving positive reinforcement and treats during tub time. Please feel free to call us with any questions or to make a reservation for your puppy.


Congratulations on adding a new family member. We love to see happy, well adjusted pets added to a family. If you have boarded your pets with us in the past and now have a new four legged member of the family, we have a special program designed for you! We offer discounts for families with multiple pets that board together and also a discounted rate for multiple dogs signed up for playgroup. You know that we will take excellent care of your new family member, just as we did with your previous pets. Many times this new pet will be a puppy and the family is adjusting to a youngster after many years with a more mature pet. We are available anytime for questions or concerns that you may have about life at home and the associated training of a youngster and/or Boarding. We are happy to share our knowledge and tips that we have learned over the years from many different veterinary pet practices, trainers and groomers. A social dog is a happy dog!