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Daycare DogsOur Daycare program offers a great way to socialize your dog as well as offering a safe and fun alternative to your dog being home alone. It is also an excellent opportunity to introduce your dog to our facility and staff before boarding. Many of our clients are referred by their veterinarians who are familiar with the many local daycare programs and respect our standards of safety and infection control. Each dog's size and temperament is carefully considered when making daily playgroup assignments. All dogs coming in for Daycare will be assessed for temperament and aggression before going into playgroup. Our experienced staff will determine if they are a good candidate for group play. Private play and individual walks are also available. We do not allow un-neutered males over the age of six months to participate in group play. The safety of all of our guests is very important to us. You can be sure that your dog is always supervised and never turned out with a group of dogs without a staff member present. A socialized, confident and well exercised dog are the makings of a great pet!

General Information


Rate: $25/day for one dog, $35/day same family/2 dogs

Breed Specific Daycare Guidelines:

We do find that certain breeds do not do well in an ongoing daycare setting. We will not be accepting any new Pit Bull/Pit Bull Mixes, American Staffordshire/American Staffordshire Mixes, Rottweiler, Huskies, German Shepherd or Dobermans as these breeds tend to become very territorial. This does not apply to boarding dogs which will be assessed for group play on an individual basis.