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Special Needs


It is very easy to watch your senior dog lie around at home snoozing and feel that they do not require exercise while boarding.  You would be pleasantly surprised what good a little exercise will for do your senior & how it can vastly improves the quality of their visit with us. Exercise stimulates all tissues as it increases blood flow, preserving mobility while helping your senior pet adjust to being away from home. One on one time with a staff member and a change of scenery always helps to keep spirits up.  In addition, exercise helps bowel function enormously. This is especially important in older pets. Without adequate use, muscles weaken and atrophy. This becomes a vicious cycle - as exercise decreases, the muscles weaken and the less they can do.  We strongly recommend that you sign your senior up for either walks or playgroups. 

Elderly and Special Needs Pets

We are sensitive to the concerns of older and special-needs pets and their safety and well being. Our environment is best suited for pets that are active and in good health. If your pet has any of the following concerns they will not be able to stay with us: 



As long as your youngster is current with their rabies, distemper (and for dogs, Canine Cough)  vaccinations, they are safe to board with us.  When pets board at a young age, they learn to enjoy boarding and fare quite well!