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Duxbury Kennel in The Pines History

Proud Supporter of Scituate, Cohasset and Duxbury K9 Teams

Proud Supporter of Scituate, Cohasset, and Duxbury K9 Teams

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Ballinger & Blitz
All teams trained under the command of Assistant Deputy Superintendent Ken Ballinger
To learn more about the training of a K9 team, breeding and handling view:

Police on Partnerships: K9 Unit

SCITUATE K9 - Scituate Police - Tango

Scituate Police K9 - Tango

COHASSET K9 - Cohasset Police - Erik

Cohasset Police K9 - Erik

Cohasset Police K9 - Erik 2

Cohasset Police K9 - Erik 3

Cohasset Police K9 - Erik 2Cohasset Police K9 - Erik 4

DUXBURY K9 - Duxbury Police - Zar

Duxbury Police K9 - Zar 1

Duxbury Police K9 - Zar 2

Duxbury K9 - Zar 3

Duxbury Police K9 - Zar 4